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Metal Sector – Zero CapEx Turnkey Achievements

Reduction Kiln Hydrogen Blowers – Energy Drive Achieves Between 60% and 70% in Energy Savings. An Energy Drive client is saving over 60% in energy per year on their Reduction Kiln Hydrogen Blowers after our turnkey solution was installed at one of their plants. The site has two reduction kilns which use Hydrogen to reduce…

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Metal Sector – Zero CapEx Turnkey Achievements

Reduction Kiln Hydrogen Blowers – Energy Drive Achieves Between 60% and 70% in Energy Savings. An Energy Drive client is ...
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Significant Energy Savings with VSDs in the Paper Production Process

Process Water Pumps – Energy Drive Achieves +40% Energy Saving Our client is saving over 40% in energy per year ...
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Finishing Mill Main Drive Motor Cooling Fan 74% ENERGY DRIVE SAVING In September 2021 Energy Drive, in collaboration with their ...
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Finishing Mill Plant Achieves 70.69% in Energy Savings

In December 2021 Energy Drive installed a Zero-Capex energy efficiency solution on a client’s Ladle Furnace Baghouse Fans. This integrated ...
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We are proud to announce that Sibanye-Stillwater is predicted to achieve a saving of 374.02 GWh from its Shaft 8, ...
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Energy Drive, Rockwell Automation and Sibanye-Stillwater Partner to Realise Significant Energy Savings

Acting on a shared commitment to actualise sustainability.     DURBAN, 8 December 2022 — Energy Drive is proud to announce the ...
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67 Minutes at Ikhethelo Children’s Village

Mandela Day is celebrated across South Africa, honouring the life, struggles, and triumphs of Tata Madiba. We are very familiar ...
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Partnering with ECR to feed a community

At Energy Drive, the core of our business is supporting communities, and we achieve that by blowing wind into the ...
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Partnering with like-minded businesses to empower our community

In yet another successful ‘First Thursday’ Transformation Story session at Energy Drive, the team welcomed Sadhana Govender and a few ...
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April saw Energy Drive host their first ever 'First Thursday' Transformation Story session, putting the spotlight on the exceptionally inspiring ...
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Image showing original baseline of energy usage for Buckman Africa at 5577832 kWH, versus the reduced energy usage after Energy Drive's energy saving solution at 702028 kWh.


In 2012, Buckman, a US-headquartered specialty chemical company, partnered with Energy Drive with a goal of reducing electricity usage and ...
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Energy Drive has successfully collaborated with a client in the metals sector to achieve a 47,33% reduction in energy consumption ...
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With an original baseline of 13,874,867 kilowatt hours the pumps now run at 2,728,593 kilowatt hours which represents an 80% energy saving.

Strip Cool Pumps Energy Reduction

Energy Drive has collaborated with a client in the metals sector to achieve an 80% energy reduction on strip cool ...
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Image outlining the Energy Drive energy saving solution in six steps. One is assess, two is propose, three is develop, four is implement, five is switch on and six is manage.

Energy Drive Actualise Sustainability in 6 Steps

Energy Drive partners with companies from a range of major industries (from mining and metals to textiles) to actualise their ...
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Carbon Reduction, Removal & Offsetting Explained

In the last decade, more countries, companies and institutions have set “net-zero” carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions targets than ever before, ...
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How Energy Drive Reduces Energy Consumption By Up To 80% Using Variable Speed Drives

In real world industrial applications, it is common that fan and pump systems perform at efficiencies far below optimal. This ...
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Due to the considerable increase in demand for industrial products, energy consumption and CO2 emissions have skyrocketed in the past two ...
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Energy Drive has collaborated with a client in the mining sector to achieve a 61.95% energy reduction on surface ventilation ...
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iKhethelo Children’s Village_EnergyDrive

iKhethelo Children’s Village: Together Building Brighter Futures

At Energy Drive we take a keen interest in the current events and learning progress at iKhethelo Children’s Village. We ...
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EDS_Plant Feed Pump_Featured

Significant Energy Savings with VSDs on Plant Feed Pumps

PLANT FEED PUMPS Surface applications at most mining sites make use of pumps feeding water into the plant. In a ...
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EDS_BOF Off-Gas ID Fans

BOF Off-Gas ID Fans – 63% EnergyDrive Saving

In April 2017 EnergyDrive Systems installed a ZeroCAPEX Solution on a client’s BOF Off-Gas ID Fans. The plant uses large ...
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EDS_HP Pumps

HP Pumps – Client Achieves € 322 129 Net Saving

EnergyDrive Systems is saving over 17 GWh a year in electricity after installing a ZeroCapex Solution on a client’s High-Pressure ...
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EDS_Molten Steel in Furnace

Energy Drive Systems Achieves 81.33% Power Saving on Strip Cool Pumps

Our client is saving over 11.3 GWh per year in electricity on their Strip Cool Pumps after an off-balance sheet ...
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AMSA System Re-site

ArcelorMittal SA (AMSA) and Energy Drive (ED) Collaborate on System Re-site

ArcelorMittal Saldanha Bay has been using an Energy Drive Variable Speed Drive system (VSD) to control the speed of descaling ...
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Celebrating Our New Board Member

Ms. Bertha Dlamini Group CEO Rito Group President: African Women in Energy and Power Ms. Dlamini is an Advocate for ...
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Liberty Steel Newport: Energy Drive’s First Export

Introduction The Energy Drive offering over the years has been met with enthusiasm by South Africa’s heavy power users. Local ...
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Zero Capex vs Leasing

WHAT DOES IFRS 16 SAY ABOUT OUR GUARANTEED ENERGY-SAVING SERVICE MODEL? Energy Drive regularly enters into energy-saving service agreements with ...
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Energy Drive’s Journey to Industry 4.0

Have you ever heard of the 4th Industrial Revolution? The 1st was the steam engine, the 2nd, the age of ...
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Energy Drive Project at Glencore Lion Smelter

During 2018, Energy Drive presented a business case to Glencore to install Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) on their eight (8) ...
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