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Reduction Kiln Hydrogen Blowers – Energy Drive Achieves Between 60% and 70% in Energy Savings.

An Energy Drive client is saving over 60% in energy per year on their Reduction Kiln Hydrogen Blowers after our turnkey solution was installed at one of their plants.

The site has two reduction kilns which use Hydrogen to reduce nickel oxide into pure nickel, with steam as a byproduct. Each kiln utilizes two Hydrogen Blowers to supply the Hydrogen into the reduction process. Each blower is powered by a 200kW motor, totaling 800kW at 3.3kV.

In August 2022, Energy Drive installed four 200kW VFDs at 3.3kV. Prior to this the blower motors used to run at full speed, and make use of pulley changes to vary the Hydrogen flow to meet the production requirements.

The speed and flow rate were changed in fixed steps via the pulley changes, which required stopping the blowers and process to make the changes. To ensure enough Hydrogen was available, the blowers often sent excess Hydrogen into the process.

The process operators are now able to use the VFD’s to continuously vary the speed of the blower motors to match the flow of Hydrogen to the process requirements.

The client has benefitted from a total contract-to-date energy savings of 2.2 million kWh, with zero capital outlay. Kiln 1 and Kiln 2 are seeing an average power reduction of around 60% and 70% respectively.

In addition to the energy saving benefits, the system has also extended the motors’ service intervals and reduced the electrical and mechanical strain on the motors.


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