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Finishing Mill Main Drive Motor Cooling Fan


In September 2021 Energy Drive, in collaboration with their client, installed a ZeroCAPEX energy efficient variable frequency drive (VFD) solution on their client’s Finishing Mill Main Drive Motor Vent Fan.

The plant had 7 finishing mill main drive motors in total. Each motor was individually ventilated by a centrifugal cooling fan driven by a 90-kW motor at 525V. The ventilation air was pre-cooled by a water-to-air radiator and ducted into the main motors in order to cool the motor windings. Ventilation fans ran continuously, with no load control, and were only stopped during long shutdowns.

As part of phase 1, Energy Drive installed a single 90 kW, 525 V VFD on the cooling fan of Fan 6. The speed of the fan was controlled in order to optimise energy savings potential, and therefore, energy savings were achieved by reducing the fan speeds to regulate the temperature of the finishing mill main drive motor poles.

Average power saving was found to be 74%, reducing energy consumption by 508 MWh in 12 months of operation.

In addition to the energy saving benefits, the system also provides improved fan life due to the softer ramp ups on the VFD, reducing mechanical stresses.

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