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Partnering with ECR to feed a community

Energy Drive_ECR Big Favour

At Energy Drive, the core of our business is supporting communities, and we achieve that by blowing wind into the sails of projects that align with our transformation goals. By supporting organisations that need it and whose goals work together with ours, we are forging a new path to building a sustainable foundation for our community.

We have led, and continue to lead, a number of initiatives that work to transform and support the lives of those who are impoverished and underserved. These initiatives range from education to community development, reaching out to improve lives in more than one way. We believe there is no greater purpose than providing a platform and resources to create a better future for our community; one that is sustainable and will continue to grow.

And because Energy Drive is constantly looking for opportunities to improve the lives of those most vulnerable within our communities, we were presented with an amazing opportunity to do just that.

It became a reality one morning when James Hynd (Energy Drive CEO) was on his way to work, listening to East Coast Radio, and heard about a soup kitchen in Queensburgh that desperately needed help. James often spoke about getting Energy Drive involved with ECR’s Big Favour, always searching for ways to support the community, and upon hearing that there was something magical Energy Drive was able to do, the team leapt into action.

Though there were hurdles in achieving a sustainable outcome, the team was able to pull through and truly make a difference in this community.

Putting their heads together to figure out how they could support the soup kitchen, and what they could benefit from most, the team discovered that Queen’s Kitchen had a unique dilemma:

This incredible community-based kitchen, run by a dedicated team of people with a passion for helping those in need, had been gifted an entire kitchen interior – with nowhere to put it.

Energy Drive is passionate about transforming lives through many facets. Using the strong relationships forged with our partners, we were able to conceptualise and actualise a solution in the form of a shipping container that would house the kitchen on-site, that also had a water and electricity supply.

Once the container had been secured, we also ensured the safe transport of the container to the soup kitchen, where we assisted in getting the container placed and set up. Shortly after that, the kitchen was fitted and ready to serve the community!

The founder of the Queen’s Soup Kitchen, Elsie Schoeman, was overwhelmed by the support given to their initiative. For the past two years, she has dedicated her time, money, energy, and love alongside a group of people to feed those who are impoverished at least twice a week. With the immense support and help they have received from not only Energy Drive, but the other companies who came together, they are one step closer to their goal of feeding people every day as well as providing food for them to take home to their families.

Thanks to the heart-warming support of various contributors who came together with Energy Drive to make this Big Favour a success, our resolve to continue reaching out to support those in need has only strengthened.

With so many individuals and organisations alike facing trials that are so different from one another, finding the right solution that is both sustainable and supportive can be challenging, but it is a challenge that Energy Drive is dedicated to overcoming.

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