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In yet another successful ‘First Thursday’ Transformation Story session at Energy Drive, the team welcomed Sadhana Govender and a few of her learners (past and present) to offer insight into the successful collaboration between Energy Drive and SG Project Consultants.

Sadhana Govender, the owner and managing director of SG Project Consultants, always had a vision and passion for empowering people from underprivileged backgrounds through training and soft skills development. In her efforts to better the lives of those who struggle to find employment opportunities in her community, and with a long history in staff training and development at various levels, SG Project Consultants was born.

The Learnership Program is a 4-month, full-time endeavour and provides invaluable skills training to delegates from underprivileged backgrounds, centred on end user computer skills such as Microsoft Office, as well as core communication skills and more.

Through the many success stories that were shared by delegates who had completed their learnerships, it’s evident that their experiences gave them more than just skills to use in the workplace.

These young people were given the confidence and opportunity they needed to reach for the stars and achieve the life they’ve dreamed of.

Once the delegates complete their learnerships they are placed in various industries including schools, where they gain critical work experience, giving them a unique opportunity to put their newly acquired skills to the test.

And they’ve done Energy Drive and SG Project Consultants proud.

The delegates at our latest Transformation Story session eagerly shared their work experience and how much they’ve gained from their learnerships and the people they get to grow with, proving just how important a strong, close-knit community is.

One of the delegates who completed his learnership in 2021 and has since been absorbed into the administration department at SG Project Consultants remarked on how his learnership has been a life-changing experience.

“It gave me a big head start with my work once I was employed at SG Project Consultants, and I’m really grateful for that.”

He also shared how much his learnership helped him and his fellow colleagues train and assist the current delegates in the learnership program by offering them appropriate guidance and support.

Each of the delegates, both current and past, expressed their gratitude for the opportunities they’ve been given as well as the doors the Learnership has afforded them.

Pearl Mungwe


Pearl Mungwe (left), a Learnership graduate from a few years ago, now works at Energy Drive – a proud showcase of just how successful the programme has been for her and the doors that it can open.

At the end of the event, James Hynd (Energy Drive CEO) congratulated the delegates on their diligence and hard work, saying:

“At the end of the day, we can see it as investing money in developing people, but you have to have that desire and passion to be developed.”

After another successful session, the Energy Drive team is looking forward to the next First Thursday event to hear more transformation stories!

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