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Due to the considerable increase in demand for industrial products, energy¬†consumption and CO2 emissions have skyrocketed in the past two decades.¬†This growth in energy consumption is largely due to the long-term trend of¬†increasing production in energy-intensive industries to satisfy this demand, most notably¬†the chemicals, iron and steel, cement, pulp and paper, and aluminium industries. While some improvements have been made in industrial productivity¬†and the adoption of renewable energy, the total industry direct CO2 emissions in 2018¬†were still a considerable 8.5Gt, which will decrease only slightly to 8.2Gt by 2025 if these industries are able to stick to the energy saving targets they have¬†committed to (in most cases, they are required to stick to). Of the 8.5Gt of CO2 emitted,¬†the chemicals, iron and steel, cement, pulp and paper, and aluminium¬†industries were responsible for 1.2Gt, 2.1Gt, 2.3Gt and 0.2Gt (for both pulp and paper, and aluminium) respectively with ‚Äėother industry‚Äô accounting for the rest.

Unfortunately, due to high input costs, strained labour forces, general economic uncertainty,¬†and various other factors, achieving the prescribed energy saving targets set out¬†by policy makers is difficult and at times, seemingly impossible for these energy-intensive industries. As previously mentioned, organisations within these industries already have an¬†ever-increasing demand to focus on¬†satisfying ‚Äď so where is implementing sustainable energy-saving solutions¬†supposed to fit in? That‚Äôs where we can help.

At Energy Drive, we actualise sustainability through energy demand reduction, without diverting capital, and subsidising opex. By forming long-term, collaborative partnerships with our clients, energy consumption is significantly reduced with simultaneous, guaranteed financial savings. Our reliable, effective energy-saving solution involves retrofitting variable speed drives (VSDs) onto traditionally used motor installations, including fans and pumps. Using the latest, proven VSD technology, all our VSD units are IGBT voltage cascade drives sourced from leading international suppliers.

To discover even more benefits, get an in-depth understanding of our process and read case studies about companies like yours that have reduced their power usage by well over 50% simply by partnering with us, visit our website at www.energydrive.co.

Sources: IEA, (June 2020), Tracking Industry 2020

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