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BOF Off-Gas ID Fans – 63% EnergyDrive Saving

EDS_BOF Off-Gas ID Fans

In April 2017 EnergyDrive Systems installed a ZeroCAPEX Solution on a client’s BOF Off-Gas ID Fans.

The plant uses large fans to extract gases from each BOF through a two-stage venturi scrubber by means of centrifugal induced draft. Each ID fan is powered by one 1 550 kW, 6.6 kV motor and the flowrates are controlled by dampers.

EDS installed two 6.6 kV, 2 MVA EnergyDrive Systems to control the speed of the existing ID fans to optimise energy-saving potential. The energy savings are achieved by reducing the fan speeds during the times when the dampers are in the idle position.

Average power saving was found to be 63%, reducing energy consumption by 11.59 GWh in the first year. As all EDS Solutions are Zero CAPEX, the client was able to benefit from a Net Annual Saving of € 146 410 in the first year.

In addition to the energy-saving benefits, the system also provides improved fan life due to the softer ramp-ups on VSD, reducing mechanical stresses.

EDS_BOF Off-Gas ID Fans

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