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Energy Drive Systems Achieves 81.33% Power Saving on Strip Cool Pumps

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Our client is saving over 11.3 GWh per year in electricity on their Strip Cool Pumps after an off-balance sheet EnergyDrive Systems Solution was installed at one of their plants.

The plant uses large pumps to fill header tanks which supply cold water to laminar spray headers situated on a run-out table used for strip cooling. The pumps are powered by four 522 kW motors totalling 2.1 MW at 3.3 kV.

In November 2016, EnergyDrive installed ultrasonic level controls on the header tanks and controlled the water level using one 3MVA drive at 3.3 kV. Instead of the pumps running full speed at a high-power demand with a water overflow loop, the drive now slows down the motors and only delivers the water that is required by production whilst keeping the tanks full.

All EDS installations are fully financed, turnkey solutions with a contractual Minimum Net Saving. The client has therefore benefitted from a total contract-to-date Net Saving of € 756 471 from the first year, with zero capital outlay. Average power reduction was found to be 81.33% per pump, saving over 48 430 tonnes of CO2.

In addition to the energy-saving benefits, the system has also extended the motors’ service intervals (due to fewer running hours) and reduced the electrical and mechanical strain on the motors.

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